Monday, October 28, 2013

Addicts Mom911

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change theworld.” ― Nelson Mandela The Addict's Mom is dedicated to educating mothers andfamilies of addicts..An "Educated Addict's Mom is an Empowered Addict's Mom."We are so proud to present our new show Addict's Mom 911 Has your life been touched by addiction?Are you willing to take 45 minutes to become educated?If so go to and like our page. You will be notified when newinterviews come out.Would you be a good candidate to interview? Message us!Why else should you "LIKE" and "Follow"ournew show? It is NOT out of some self-centered gratification to get themost likes on Podomatic. It is NOT out of greed it is NOT because, we wantsomething from YOU. By liking our page you will become educated, by sharing ourpage there is a greater chance another mom will discover our group who may notknow we are here yet. She will see she is not alone, and she will receive help,hugs, and hope. She will receive resources, recovery, and resolve. By likingand sharing our page you help spread awareness of the epidemic of addiction inthis nation. An epidemic that has touched 23.5 million Americans. Hugs,BarbaraVisit The Addict's Mom at: To control which emails you receive on The Addict's Mom,click here

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