Sunday, September 22, 2013

Joseph D. Out Of Control Lost Soul Becomes Whole

Posted on September 19, 2013 Tagged in Alcohol Addiction, Faith, Recovery Submitted By Susanne Johnson a story about and written by Joseph Dickerson.       The title says it all! The first ten years of my life were normal. I was a straight A student who quite frequently spent time on the honor roll and a very active boy scout. At the age of 10 a family member paid me a visit and that was the day my world was shattered. The next 22 years of my life were spent in fear, anger and insecurity. As I got older, I did what anybody else would do to cope. I drank and drugged to create a new me, brave and strong, who knew all things. That was a joke, as I look back now. My life was a devastated wasteland. Way down deep in my heart I hated myself, and I was clueless as to why.One day under a bridge in Philly a man appeared to me. He was walking towards me, and he kept staring at me. My first thought was to run, but my legs would not move. As he got closer my mind raced, “Is he a cop, an enemy? Is this it? Is my life over?” Standing in front of me he extended his arm and handed me a little black book. I took it opened and began to read. At the end of that story in that book a man was in a casket being buried, and then it hit me like a truck. The man in that story was me. Right then and there I surrendered my life to God.Thirteen years later my life is whole. I have a family of my own, a new home and, most important, my sanity and sobriety. Now I don’t want you to think I didn’t work my arse off to get sober. Some days were easy, and some were hell. Through my faith and the 12 steps I have come to realize addiction is a byproduct of a broken heart. Fix that and the head will follow. There is no drug in the world that can match the feeling you get when you know you have helped someone find their way- See more at:

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