Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Challenged by a loved one's dependency? 

Challenged by a loved one's dependency? WE HAVE WAYS FOR YOU TO MOVE FORWARD October programs for family members bring you understanding, learning with others and reassurance that life can get better!   When someone with an addiction gets help - or doesn't - a family needs to recover, too.  Livengrin's family services offer you ways to come to terms with the situation, help yourself and the family to change, and experience the many gifts of Recovery.  You deserve it. FREE SEMINAR: BREAKNG DOWN THE STEPSTuesday, October 8    6-8PM The well-known Twelve Steps are often not understood by those outside of recovery.  Yet they're an essential tool for families to support a loved one and themselves.  You do not need to have a family member in Livengrin to attend.  Fact sheet:Free Family Seminar on 12 Steps WEEKEND RETREAT: FAMILIES STAYING STRONGSaturday & Sunday, October 19-20Hear from experts and keynote speakers.  Learn about community support groups in your own backyard.  Relate to other families through their stories and experience (and yours).  Treat yourself to some serenity.  For complete details on activities,rates, accomodations and more, view & print this info page:  Livengrin Family Retreat Facts To learn more about Livengrin's extensive Family Services and program offerings, contact therapist Dana Cohen -- or call 215-638-5200, ext. 162 We look forward to being of service to you.   There's more on other upcoming Livengrin events at our calendar page. Learn More at:Livengrin Website Support the Foundation  During its 47 years of service, more than 125,000 people have come to Livengrin to learn how to be healthy, sober and a part of their families, work and communities again.  You can play a role in a person's success story - make a contribution, volunteer, and tell someone about the help and hope to be found at Livengrin.  There's information, guidance and much more to learn throughout our website. 

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