Friday, September 21, 2012

New Hope Recovery Ranch Nevada

New Hope Recovery Ranch is one of the only places in the country where the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit come together to ensure that those in the long-term residency program welcome sobriety into their lives.
MissionNew Hope Recovery Ranch is a 6 to 12 month live-in addiction recovery program that gives men practical and spiritual tools for continuing whole and healthy lives.
Company OverviewPastors Rick and Teresa McKinney are the founders and directors of New Hope Recovery Ranch. Both Rick and Teresa were set free from serious personal addictions and through their ministry at New Hope Recovery Ranch in Silver Springs, NV they have been able to help thousands of men over the last ten years.
The desert is an environment of dangerous extremes. Certainly, the choices made in the desert are of life and death.

At New Hope Recovery Ranch, located in Silver Springs, NV, the desert is the perfect setting for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Rebirth into a God-centered life is the ultimate result.

New Hope Recovery Ranch is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, long-term residency
program for men that allows recovering alcoholics and addicts to set aside much-needed time and effort to focus on what is causing the downward spiral—and teaches them to claw their way back up. Residents focus on asking, considering, and responding to life’s basic questions—and quickly determining God has all of the answers.

According to Pastor Rick McKinney, “Healing at New Hope includes spiritual, mental, and physical healing. You’re feeding your mind, body, and spirit here. When you feed these, you’re going to get well.”

New Hope Recovery Ranch integrates miracles from three sources—The Bible, the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and animal therapy. Residents spend a minimum of six months on campus. Recovering alcoholics and addicts stay in the residency program for up to one year, learning about the all-encompassing love of Jesus Christ and the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.

Location P.O. Box 961, Silver Springs, Nevada 89429

Contact Info
Phone (775) 577-4734

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  1. I heard this is a great place a close friend of mine use to live there and I have a loved one now who really wants to go there, who's 4 month sober, also his Uncle lives in Silver Springs NV, but I emailed, wrote to New Hope Recovery Ranch's PO BOX, called, wrong numbers or does the the sober living not exist anymore? New Hope Ranch Recovery in Silver Springs NV? Does anyone know a contact number or a person I can contact on the Ranch. Is there a house manager who lives there that can check on bed availability? My email is