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A private, non-profit specialty hospital committed to helping people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction.
MissionIt is the mission of Fellowship Hall to help people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction, and to provide compassionate, cost-effective care while maintaining our commitment to a Twelve-Step philsophy.
Company Overview
Fellowship Hall is a private not-for-profit alcohol and drug treatment facility that has been located in Greensboro, North Carolina for more than 40 years. We have treated tens of thousands of men and women and are widely regarded as the one of the most respected and successful treatment facilities in the country.

We employ a Twelve-Step philosophy to help our guests in treatment understand an
d cope with their disease and learn to live a productive life without drugs or alcohol. Our surveys show that up to 70 percent of our guests remain sober at least one year after treatment.

Our facilities in Greensboro also serve as a training ground for psychiatric residents and other medical professionals who come here to learn about addiction management and care.

Alcohol and drug abuse are significant problems here and across the country. Fellowship Hall is dedicated to providing answers, hope and a new life for those who suffer from these terrible diseases.

Basic Info
Opened 1971
Location 5140 Dunstan Road, Greensboro, North Carolina 27405
Awards Fellowship Hall was first surveyed in 1974 by a national accreditation body, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and has been continuously accredited by the organization since that time.

Fellowship Hall has the distinction of being the first Alcohol and Drug Treatment Specialty Hospital licensed by the State of North Carolina.

Fellowship Hall's award winning facility has been recognized many times for excellence and provides alcohol and drug addiction training to Duke University Health System's Psychiatric Residency Program as well as local universities' nursing and counseling programs.

Contact Info
Phone 1 (800) 659-3381

History by Year
Opened in 1971

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