Monday, July 16, 2012


“Full Recovery Sober Coaches produce winners… When it comes to addiction, you can’t afford to lose.”

The Full Recovery Wellness Center is the new paradigm for successful sober living. Recovery, much like wellness, is an active process. Whether you are struggling to get clean and sober, a 12 step old timer, or a family member of a recovering alcoholic/addict, the Full Recovery Wellness Center offers ongoing classes and services to empower you to reach full potential. Our goal is simple: provide the tools that help people in recovery enjoy a rich and rewarding life.

What is Full Recovery Sober Coaching?

Full Recovery Sober Coaching is the most effective method of producing permanent, positive, behavioral changes in substance abusers available today. We are dedicated professionals committed to keeping our clients clean and sober. The Full Recovery program is the new paradigm for successful, sober living. Full Recovery integrates recovery principles and spiritual concepts with leadership, relationship, and career skills to guide individuals to a life of contribution and prosperity. Addiction is the plague of our modern time. Full Recovery Certified Sober Coaching is the solution. We help recovering people unlock their creativity, design a personal action plan for life, create momentum and achieve measureable results.

Common Questions

Why choose Full Recovery?
Who is a good candidate for Full Recovery Coaching?
I‘ve been to rehab; why do I need a coach?
How is Full Recovery Coaching different from a 12 Step program?
Why does Full Recovery produce such outstanding results?
Does Full Recovery have a program for spouses and family members?
Does Brian McAlister, author of Full Recovery, personally do coaching?
Does Full Recovery Coaching provide travel services?

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333 Route 46, Fairfield, NJ, 07004

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  1. Dear Fellow AA,

    My name is Mike W. and I am in need of help. I am 20 months sober now and have a good sponsor and network. I attend meetings regularly. I have informed all of the with what I am also asking you. I will be without a place to live shortly. I do not want to be out on the street, rooming house or in a living situation with anyone who drinks and uses. I tried that before and I relapsed. If I relapse again, it might be my last. I have a good job as a Managing Director of a Non-Profit. I included information on it below so that you can see a serious person. My problem is I can't drive and I hurt someone dear to me with a stupid act who has asked me to leave. At this point the job is all I have and I have really come to love it. But I could lose it along with my sobriety and life if things don't work out.

    To get to the point...Do you have any leads, a bulletin board any source for AA's living situation, roommates apartments etc. I have asked Harry P. and Joe N and Vinny. T in my groups in North Haledon and Hawthorne but I thought I would ask you too. Please help if you can.


    Mike. W

    I wanted to share my information with you. I was also hoping to get your feedback on our program...It works!!!! We need computers badly to outfit the many programs we are running now and through the busy Holiday season.

    Computers for Kids of America is a non profit organization based out of Fairfield, NJ. We help business and schools in the private sector dispose of their E Waste in a cost effective, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible manner. We offer FREE pick up and safe removal of all old electronic equipment as well as an opportunity for a charitable contribution tax deduction. We will pick up and evaluate all equipment and look to repair, refurbish, and redistribute equipment to children and schools in need. We also use donated equipment in our training and educational programs for kids.Visit our web site and see our community partners link to see recent donations we have made!

    We donate to underprivileged children groups and organizations throughout the New York Tri-State area, Philadelphia and Baltimore...and we do it in your name!!!!. If donated equipment is beyond salvage we have R2 certified recycling partners who provide us, and our donors, with strict downstream certification that nothing will end up in a landfill or overseas. We will provide you with an exact inventory of what is to be donated, certification that nothing will end up in a landfill or overseas, as well as certification that all hard drives are wiped and cleaned using Department of Defence 26 software. These services for IT asset removal are free with your donation where as they could cost in the thousands to you using for profit recyclers. If you are in IT or a decision maker on IT disposal lease get this letter to the right person. It is a great program and the good you will be doing will mean so much to kids this Holiday season.

    We accept anything with a plug but appreciate computers. It is important work. As a non-profit and the expense associated with running our Box Trucks to pickup sites, We look for donations between 25-100 computers. As I mentioned our organization will handle the complete IT asset removal for FREE. Thanks and we hope to hear from you.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Welsh
    Managing Director
    Computers for Kids of America
    111 Clinton Ave.
    Fairfield, NJ 07004