Monday, December 12, 2011


Finding peace in life and with one self comes from the ability of true love towards oneself.  We must find a way to put away all the pains and hurts that cause us to despise ourselves and the want to self destruct   That is the true reason for our self medicating!! Society doesn't help either.  The world and the demands it places on us could drive anyone to want to self destruct.  We must find a way to accept ourselves for who we are, forgive ourselves and forgive others and just let life happen the way its supposed to happen.  No matter how hard we try we always seem to make situations worse and not better.  I found success in surrendering my will to God hence first step in the 12 steps and when we can truly do just that...that is when we find true peace and are able to love ourselves and others.   REMEMBER JESUS LOVES YOU!

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