Friday, December 9, 2011


That is where it all begins, in the mind.  If all we do is give into our thoughts then we can get lost. Before we do anything especially before we use,  someway we have to as soon as that thought comes in, acknowledge the thought.  Don't resist it the more we do that the more we enforce it.  Acknowledge that thought redirect and dismiss it,  so that as soon as you contemplate using, say to yourself I feel like using. Immediately change your environment, call someone, pick up a favorite game etc. anything to redirect your thoughts.  Concentrate on that thing you have refocused your attention to and the other thought will be dismissed.  My favorite book (bible) says that we are led away by our own evil desires, notice it says we, that means me and you.  So we have no excuses and we only have ourselves to blame. Acknowledge, redirect and dismiss!  Remember Jesus love you. 

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