Thursday, January 4, 2018

T  he FDA this week released a letter to a couple of companies with two products that would be idiotic to the point of funny if it wasn’t for the dangers they present. The two products which prompted the FDA’s letters are Coco Loko, a snortable chocolate and Legal Lean Syrup.
In the press release put out this week, FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, MD had this to say:
“As a physician and a parent, I’m deeply troubled by the unlawful marketing of these potentially dangerous products, especially since they are so easily accessible by minors. Encouraging the use of snortable chocolate as an alternative to illegal street drugs is not acceptable—there are very real consequences to snorting any powder, not to mention the societal dangers of promoting drug abuse
When I first began reading the press release, I thought these two products were just ridiculous like the energy drink called Cocaine that came out several years ago.

The reality is these products are dangerous and do contain chemicals in them that could be detrimental to a person’s health. Coco Loko is a snortable chocolate containing guarana and taurine, things commonly found in energy drinks. The dangerous part is that snorting anything can be damaging to the nasal cavities and even the vocal chords, with the potential to also worsen allergies.
While Legal Lean Syrup contains the active pharmaceutical ingredient doxylamine, that ingredient is not included on the label of the product. This can be dangerous for two reasons; the ingredient can have adverse reactions when mixed with alcohol and can also complicate some underlying medical conditions.
The FDA has contacted both companies with a letter on how they must respond and correct the problems with the products above. If they don’t respond, the companies will be subject to seizure or injunction.
These products pose a threat to children and recreational drug use alike. Please contact for free information and help to get your loved ones into treatment.
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