Thursday, January 4, 2018

Year End Appeal 2017
Tom Benson
“Each day, we are thankful for the education, resources, and support we received… and for the grace in our lives.”
Dear Joseph,

My son Tom was identified as gifted and talented. At one point we thought the sky’s the limit for him. But with his own peers, Tom tried too hard, as though he was trying to fill an emptiness that we did not recognize at the time.

Like so many families struggling with addiction, I rode an emotional roller coaster in finding help for Tom. Finally, through the support of others and resources we found, we were able to get Tom the help he needed.

I am now a volunteer Parent Coach for the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, helping other families like mine. The Partnership connects parents to free resources to help their child and to a community of understanding and support — but they need your help to reach and empower even more parents.

Make your donation today and your gift will be matched dollar for dollar. A gift of just $100 will connect a concerned mother to a trained volunteer Parent Coach, like me, who will help her take one day, one minute or one breath at a time as she struggles with her child’s substance use. Knowing there is someone else who has walked in her shoes is invaluable in giving her strength.

It’s been a long road that started about 15 years ago, but today, Tom is doing well and as a family, WE are doing well.

Gratefully yours,

Ann Benson

Ann Benson
Mother & Parent Coach Volunteer
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
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