Monday, July 18, 2016

“The brain can change for the better. Find the tools that work for you as you face everyday challenges to sustain sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.” —Mike Logan, an anger management counselor from Rockford, Illinois, and owner of the Facebook page Your Recovering Brain

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For those in recovery, brain fitness may be even more important than for those who don’t struggle with addiction. After all, the brain is the organ that controls our ability to say yes and no. It is the center of the addictive voice and where the mysteries of depression and joy reside. The good news is that, more than ever, tools and information about how to take care of our brains are helping enhance the recovery experience. Whether you're enhancing brain fitness through reading a science fiction novel or coding a website, show your recovering brain some love this week: July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day!

From Drunk and Dying to Authentic and Thriving

Raised in South Carolina and born to question everything, including her sexual identity, Temple Hayes turned to spirit to pull her from the car wrecks of abuse and alcohol addiction. Today, as a new thought global leader, she’s showing others how to be exactly who they are and live the life their hearts' desire.

Demystifying Postpartum Addiction

Postpartum addiction is rarely spoken of, yet a number of new mothers find themselves turning to drugs and alcohol in an effort to cope with the demands of motherhood.

Patrick Kennedy on The Axe Files

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy opens up about addiction and pushes for mental health reform.
Renew provides relevant and engaging information and resources to help individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and their loved ones create and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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