Monday, July 18, 2016

Later this month a new group of hurting and broken young men and women will arrive here at His Mansion.
July 2016 Newsletter 
Dan B.
My Kingdom or His     

     I heard about His Mansion in a guest lecture by Michael Tso at Wheaton College. I couldn't explain why, but from that moment I felt a strong calling to
serve for a year at His Mansion.

     As a child, I was greatly wounded during my parents' divorce. As a teenager, I continued to deal with the
painful aftermath of my parents' divorce. I had trouble understanding what real love
looked like. 
     I came to know Christ at a young age, but I didn't fully understand my salvation until later in life. As young adult, I began taking my faith more seriously, but I still had real difficulty trusting God. 
Healing in the Context of Community 
  Is God calling you to minister 
to broken people struggling with 
addiction (chemical or sexual), 
eating disorders, trauma, 
or any other life-controlling behaviors?

   Join us for our Healing in the Context of Community (HCC) course from October 15th-21st. You will learn how to serve those hurting in your community as well as experience how God is freeing men and women from those very bonds here on The Hill. 
   During your time in HCC, you will attend training courses designed for people like you who have a desire to love and serve hurting and broken men and women. 
     The classes will cover:
  • lay-counseling 
  • inner healing 
  • addiction and recovery
  • family dynamics
  • medications and mental health
   You will also have the opportunity to join those who are currently seeking God's restoration at His Mansion during communal meals, free time, and worship throughout the week.
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