Friday, August 16, 2013

'That 70s Show' actress Lisa Robin Kelly dies

The actress, 43, died in a rehab facility of unknown causes.

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  1. Very sad! This is a cunning, baffeling and powerful illness that many are afflicted by! I have done treatment and found out some truths about myself......however it did not keep me Sober! I HAD TO AQUAER A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MY HIGHER POWER! Which I choose to call GOD! I can talk about my problems all day long.....and I did and I was still miserable! There is a solution. To this illness. It is not threw Man! I am not religious and do not go to church! This is also not my opinion it is a fact. It tells me so in this book I read. Check it out. It can be found in the Doctors Opinion. It must be embedded and incorporated into the lives of those who suffer! If they truly want to recover for this Hopeless state of mind and body. If I have offended Antony it was not my intent. I come from a place of love and understanding. I have been in the same mind set. I get it! It hurts! I is frustrating! It sucks to see other people get it and do the trip and not be able to pull it together or maybe get thirty days and go back out......I can't even count how many 30 day chips I have. There are too many! So like I said I get it.......however there is hope! That is a promise. God can and will.....IF he/she is sought! Trust and believe! May you be filled with the joy of Living and have an Epic day! LOVE LOVE Aloha