Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Help raise money for those who need treatment Important Music Fest tickets

Hey everyone just wanted to thank anyone who was taking tickets to sell for the music fest. we currently have about 500 tickets on the street waiting to be sold. please do your best to get them out there and if anyone does not have tickets to sell I do have packets of 20 available. we are 8 weeks away from the event and a good time to start getting the word out there in these next two months. the direct ticket link is attached please please please begin to forward that out to your email list. there's still plenty of communication available and remember kids 12 and under are free. although we are about to hit the 30 sponsor mark we are still in need of vendors and anyone who wishes to sponsor the event. any questions give me a call the next volunteer meeting will be in August. blessings today and thank you for all you do for the Kingdom and the Ministry of CLPRM.

Bob Sofronski
Director CLPRM

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