Wednesday, March 14, 2012



I think its time to move on, we have spent the last two months going over step one and I am hoping and believing you have reached the point of, "my life is a mess".


Now we have come to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Most of the 12 step groups are not very specific in regards to a higher power.  Some think its self, others think it is some sort of God and there are those like myself who know its God and his son JESUS CHRIST.  In fact they are the only living true higher powers on the planet and beyond.  Lets examine this.  My favorite book (Bible) states he created the world and us in his image.  You were designed for a purpose and without proper instruction from parents, you were lead away, left to fill whatever purpose you felt fit you. Lets put it this way.  Did you ever put a round peg in a square hole?  Won't fit will it?  No matter what you do with that peg it wont fit. Well that's what happens to our lives when we are not taught about GOD and we are left to our own vices.  We fumble through life with a constant emptiness.  No matter what we try to satisfy that emptiness with we just cant seem to fill that void.  You are missing the most important part of you, and that's being one with your creator!  Its like buying the most expensive exercise bike in the store, opening the box and there are no directions on how to put it together.  Your life is unmanageable because your not reading the instruction book GOD gave you(BIBLE).  I dare you to read the book.  My recommendation, Tyndanle life recovery bible is available at all book stores.  Just think about this.... the BIBLE is still the number one selling book in the world. 3,000 years and still counting.

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  1. i have just been saying to myself why do i keep trying to put the square peg in that round knowing it will never work but i keep trying i think i am at the point now that it wont ever fit and when u come to that realizeation u now have start ur next journey with the lord! amen