Friday, March 9, 2012


       I have come to realize that step one is not a one time thing.Some folks work the steps and they think that's it I'm good.Step one for me has to be taken everyday the moment I open my eyes and before starting the day.Surrender yourself to JESUS ask HIM for his guidance love and peace as you begin your day .If we are left to our own vices and not under his divine guidance we will or at least I will make all the wrong choices.I lived my life at least thirty years of it without his guidance and because of it I made a mess.Surrendering to Him is not a magic recipe or fix all and life will still throw you a curve ball but it is sure comforting to know that you don't have to face life's troubles alone.This is why step one is so important we cant go it alone. My favorite book (bible) tells us HE is the counselor comforter and friend what more do we need not only that, because of the sin of our addiction we have been separated from GOD and we can only get right with GOD Thur JESUS. Make step one a must before opening your eyes and exiting the bed.I DARE YOU TO TALK TO JESUS AND INVITE HIM IN TO YOUR LIFE!

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