Thursday, December 30, 2021

"The Partnership offers support and options I didn't even know existed."

Partnership to End Addiction


I never thought my family would personally experience the nightmare that is addiction. But we came to know the unrelenting anxiety that fuels this disease when my son was just 15 years old. He veered off a healthy path of "growing up" and started a long, perilous descent into substance use.

As his behavior worsened, we were overcome with fear. Therapy and counseling didn't help, and we didn't know where to turn. My son dropped out of school and was often in trouble with the law, leading to endless cycles of relapses and rehabilitation.

Our crisis finally imploded when he overdosed on prescription pills – twice in one week. He was on life support for three days, and we felt helpless as we prepared to say goodbye. Our story could have ended like so many other tragedies – yet somehow, he miraculously pulled through.

That's when we found the Partnership. Another parent recommended their unique peer coaching program and customized services that helped our family heal. Today, I take the valuable insight from the painful lessons we lived and offer them as a gift to other families.

Your gift to The Addiction Crisis Emergency Fund will be a lifeline for a family in need, ensuring the Partnership can provide others the same critical support we received – especially during the holidays and into the new year.

A generous donor is matching, dollar-for-dollar, the next 100 donations to the fund. This means your $50 becomes $100 — so make your year-end gift today.


I want you to know there is hope, and the Partnership is here to help families navigate this difficult journey with much-needed tools and compassion.

No matter the amount you can give, your gift makes an immediate difference to families like mine.

With gratitude,

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Brenda Z.
Parent Coach & Mom


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