Monday, October 3, 2016

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Never underestimate the resolve and love of a mother fighting for her child!

Please take a moment to read the entire article below. It is important, our very own TAM moms are now meeting with the Policy Makers in Washington!

We must continue our fight, we need our voices to be heard, we need to continue to be invited to Washington.

TAM moms are brave, and TAM moms participate, this is why we are now going from our kitchen tables, offices and communities to the steps of the White House.

It is VERY important we all read this article, share this article the link is below and most important we COMMENT on this article on the article itself, not only facebook. It is so important that you voice is heard that can be accomplished by commenting on the Fix website on the ariticle below

Here's How...

Please leave a comment on the article on The Fix page (not on Facebook). At the end of the article, click the link to "Leave a comment." You will have to log in with Facebook, Google+ or Discus. Just click the button for whichever one you prefer, then leave & submit as usual.

Big Hug Kelli Miller Pierson you rocked the Fed Up Rally!
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