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Dr. Kimberly Johnson
Opioids were involved in 28,647 deaths in 2014 and opioid overdoses have quadrupled since 2000. 

Significant increases in drug overdose death rates were seen in the Northeast, Midwest and South Census Regions. In 2014, the five states with the highest rates of death due to drug overdose were West Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Kentucky and Ohio. States with statistically significant increases in the rate from 2013 to 2014 included Alabama, Georgia, Illinois,Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. This epidemic is devastating the United States as a whole, with hundreds of deaths a day nationwide currently.  Read More
February 10, 2017 7PM-10PM Free Community Addiction Educational Meet and Greet

FEBRUARY 10, 2017  - You're All Invited, please join us at our Unite To Fight Addiction Free Meet & Greet,February 10, 2017 7PM-10PM - The Grand Palms Hotel @ 110 Grand Palms  Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027 

"Recovery is a Process" and Rockers In Recovery has amassed some epic speakers on the topic. This is to help our south Florida community know that there is help, hope, and recovery is possible form addiction.
EDUCATIONAL - It's dedicated to provide our community with addiction prevention and education information to help families, community outreach leaders and anyone who suffers with drug addiction and alcoholism. Read More
6th Annual Love of Recovery Free Music Festival - February 11, 2017 12PM - 5:00PM 

6th Annual - Love of Recovery Music Festival - February 11, 2017 12PM - 5:00PM - Venue LOCATION: The Concert Green @ CB Smith Park 900 N Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33028.

IT'S FREE - Enjoy Music, Recovery Speakers, Arts and Crafts Exhibitors , Food Vendors, Recovery Merchandise, Addiction Education, Evidenced Based Treatment Options , and Veteran Information. We at RIR have worked hard over the last nine years to end the sigma of addiction. We need to let people know we can enter into recovery to live purposeful lives and be of maximum service to all. How we do this is very simple " Addiction Education & Prevention Through Rock-N-Roll".

"Show Your Clients Recovery Can Be Fun" Thank you - The RIR Team looks forward to seeing everyone at the festival. Read More
Abigail W. Adams

"My job is simple Hollis said. We carry a message of hope and we do that through music". Read Article
Thank You To The Special Events Partners For Their Support In Maine;

Chooper's Guide - Host

The concept of Chooper's Guide was born on aSaturday afternoon in August 2009 on Pemaquid Beach in New Harbor, Maine. Two guys (Tim Cheney and Adrian Hooper), who collectively had been in over 45 substance abuse treatment centers, mental hospitals and detox programs for alcoholism and drug addiction during their former lives, decided that too many drug addicts and alcoholics die or their disease progresses. Learn More

We believe that each client should be provided with the level of care best suited for him/her as an individual for their own personal addiction. There are various views on the different levels of care and the different names for these levels can be confusing to families trying to place a loved one. Learn More -Get to Know Lyle Fried by calling 772-332-8711

Urine toxicology is one of the main focuses of business for Atlantic Biotech, and with the increasing number of pain clinics and drug & alcohol rehabilitation facilities opening here in Florida, the need for rapid turn-around urine toxicology results is clear. Today, LC/MS/MS is the preferred method of analysis for forensic toxicology. Learn More - Get to know Debbie Falestra by calling 754-222-5150 ext. 309

WestBridge is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the recovery of men who experience co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders and their families. 
WestBridge has become a national leader in the behavioral health profession. Learn More - Get to know Mary Woods by calling 866-784-2952

HBTS is a substance abuse and dual-diagnosis program offering clinical excellence in evidence-based treatments. Our staff are highly-trained mental health professionals, and our program offers both clinical and holistic approaches to recovery in an individualized format that recognizes each client as unique in both their treatment needs and goals for wellness.  Learn More - Get to know Michael Demasi by calling 516-468-4237

With over 75 years of combined experience, our staff is uniquely qualified to guide you through the recovery journey. Instead of transitioning from one treatment facility to a separate intensive outpatient treatment center, clients will stay with Amethyst for the duration of their treatment. Learn More - Get to know 
Kelly Gee by calling 772-418-2624

As the leading research-based clinical diagnostic company dedicated to improving the lives of people, we aim to provide the rapid provision of accurate, comprehensive, and valid test results to our customers. We can test a your sample for a wide variety of drugs and are constantly adding capabilities to detect more compounds and lower concentrations. Learn More - Get to know Lizet Dibernardo by calling 954-732-9817

The family of JourneyPure facilities priorities is to assist each patient in recovery from addictive behaviors, substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders utilizing science based integrative techniques and methodologies. Each facility address the entire individual incorporating nutrition, physical exercise, experiential therapy and neurofeedback.  Learn More - Get to know Patrick Dunn by calling 888-748-3755
Hope & Grace Recovery Center 

Hope and Grace is not your typical treatment center.   Our owner and staff have a unique understanding of both the addiction process as well as the emotional and family connections. If you or someone you love are "sick and tired of being sick and tired", we are here help. Our individualized program addresses the physical, emotional as well as spiritual needs of our clients, all critical factors for a successful recovery. Learn More - Get to know Jason Sheppard by calling 954-607-9036
Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center

Because addiction and alcoholism are a form of brain disease, Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center's approach is medically driven to treat both the body and mind.  Individuals with chronic and relapsing diseases like addiction require a coordinated combination of intensive treatments that restore and support physical and mental health  - all guided by medical care that is sound, advanced and compassionate.  Learn More - Get to know Sylvia Miklos by calling 561-670-0068
Caron Treatment Centers - Maine Event Program Partner 

Our mission is to transform lives and relationships through evidence-based, holistic, personalized care.

Our commitment to clients and families never fades. From the moment a client or loved one contacts us, and for a lifetime thereafter, we remain invested in each individual's personal recovery journey. Learn More - Get to know Lee Fitzgerald by calling 310-500-5084
Become A Recovery Partner "Three, Six, or Twelve Month Campaigns Available"

Since 2008-Rockers In Recovery is a nationwide addiction recovery based media news outlet. RIR reaches millions weekly with a message of hope to all seeking recovery information. RIR Cafe's, industry professionals, health and wellness clinicians, treatment centers, doctors, corporate CEO's, MFT's, admission coordinators, press and family members seeking help and education along with members of the recovery community. Learn More
Where the Recovery Education & Rock-N-Roll Come Together

Since 2008- Rockers In Recovery® is a nationwide addiction recovery based online media outlet. RIR reaches millions online weekly with a message of hope to all seeking recovery information. Rockers In Recovery® has been dedicated to caring the message of addiction recovery through music, news, interviews, events, and festivals. Learn More Rockers In Recovery® Radio & Productions
Meet The Recovery Partners

Through their help we continue our daily mission of being a nationwide addiction recovery based online media outlet. Their support helps RIR reach millions weekly with a message of hope to all seeking recovery information. On a daily basis Recovery Education & Rock-N-Roll Come Together online directly because of the Recovery Partners. 

Please Meet The Recovery Partners;
Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Since 1972, Clearbrook Treatment Centers - a 501(c)3 not for profit organization located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - has been providing effective treatment programs for adults who suffer from alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. Learn More - Get to know Mark Pisacano by calling 570-823-1171
Little Creek Lodge - Music & Self Expression

Sparking the creative process without the use of drugs or alcohol is a very important step in early recovery. Re-starting the imagination takes internal motivation, work, and coaching. Discussion and encouragement are needed to begin the process of playing or writing music. One of the by-products of addiction is poor self-expression. Learn More - Get to know Andy Pace by calling 877-689-2644 

The Vision of Phoenix Rising is to create a safe environment where each individual may rise from their past to a new and brighter future. Our Mission is to provide the best clinical care rooted in safety, security, attachment, and including current industry standards. Learn More - Get to know Benjamin Kaneaiakala by calling 949-463-8381

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