Friday, June 22, 2012

Simonsen Road Farm Recovery Center Oregon!

Simonsen Road Farm is a picture perfect 25 acre bed and breakfast, equestrian inn, and horse retirement farm near Eugene, Oregon wine country.

Holistic, Alternative Addiction Recovery

"Simonsen Road Farm Recovery Center was a life saver for me. After literally being locked away in detox for 5 days to come to a beautiful home in a pastoral setting where I felt welcome and able to relax with absolutely no triggers to make me want to use again was exactly what I needed." Debbie (April 2012)

Simonsen Road Farm Recovery Center is a 25 acre private country sanctuary for persons overcoming the crippling effects of alcohol and or drug addiction. Located 20 minutes S.W. of Eugene, Oregon in the beautiful Lorane Valley of the Pacific Northwest, Simonsen Road Farm offers the safety and sanity of a drug and alcohol free environment and the structure of a holistic 12 Step - based program of recovery.

Our program is 30 days residential treatment. We attend daily AA/NA meetings in town and residents are encouraged to share. Additional meetings with certified treatment specialists and persons in recovery take place throughout the week at the farm.

We have our own Equine Based Therapy Program in which residents are encouraged to bond with our horses. In our small private facility residents are able to discover for themselves that a fulfilling life without the use of drugs/alcohol is possible and attainable on a daily basis.

Personal growth is promoted through a self-help whole recovery approach with emphasis on healing of the body, mind and spirit. This is a non-judgemental environment. Everyone is equally important here. At Simonsen Road Farm we speak the language of Recovery.

Special Thanks to Caleb Garvin at:

Address: 82912 Simonsen Road, Eugene, Oregon
Phone: 541 344 1735 or 323 404 6981

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