Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Dear Joseph,

My name is Amy and I direct the Parents Toll-Free Helpline for The Partnership at

When a mom or dad has hit a crisis point with their kid, I'm here with expert ideas and helpful steps. It's a tough job, but I know the parents struggling with their kids' substance abuse have it even tougher. I have a simple rule for myself: answer every single call I can.

But it takes resources to do that. The helpline needs staffing and training -- and that means we need to turn to our community to help keep this lifeline open.

Help me be there for every mother and father in need. Today we're asking 100 people to make a contribution of $5. Joseph, can I count on you to chip in?

A one-on-one conversation can make a huge difference. A little while ago, I got a call from a mom whose son was abusing cocaine and marijuana. I can still remember the desperation in her voice. She'd tried so hard to get through to him -- she'd even taken away his car. Nothing was working.

But I knew there was still plenty of hope. I told her that together we could make a plan to deal with his substance abuse. I sent her some expert advice on how to get her son clean. And a few days later, she got in touch with me.

"I read the info you sent me and boy, has it helped," she said. "Thank you for your help and support. This means a lot to me."

Help me be there for every mother and father in need. Make a contribution today:

I wish you and your family good health. And if you need me, I promise I'll be here for you.


Amy Bloustine
Deputy Director, Community Education Programs and Helpline Director
The Partnership at

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