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I want to do everything I can to wake up the general public!!!
My mission is to make something good come out of tragedy. I want doctors to pay attention and think twice before they write a prescription for a narcotic.I want people to see addiction as a disease that has no predjudice. I want this subject of prescription medication to be headline news. It should be!! If there were this many people dying from a flu or virus it would be covered by every news channel in the country. My goal is to make this happen!!
My brother Aaron "Ace" Cassidy passed away March 20, 2009. He was the last person in the world anyone would ever suspect of having a problem with addiction. Aaron was handsome, athletic, talented, funny, successful, responsible and very loved by his family and friends. His death has left a huge hole in my heart that I feel can only be filled by making something good come out what happened to him.
I want people to start talking about this epidemic, because that is exactly what it is. Addictin is an illness that has nothing to do with willpower or moral character. My brother was strong and he was a good man. He went for help and the treatment (methadone) is what contributed to his death. So many families are losing loved ones unnecessarily. The next time you hear someone talking casually about taking pills for recreational purpose, I beg you to emphasize to that person that these drugs are deadly and no better than heroine or crack. If you are struggling with addiction please know that you are not alone and someone cares.

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  1. It's almost a year since Jamie lost her battle. I remember the phone call and the thoughts that flooded my mind of why? I struggle with why some can get clean and stay clean and some cant. I truly believe that Jamie hated her addiction and wanted to get clean and stay clean. Her and I got to talk a little bit months before her passing and there was true sincerity in her voice and sadness for the pain she had caused her family and friends. She wanted to never hurt them again.
    Jamie, you are missed and loved by so many. There is peace in knowing you are no longer in pain but your peace leaves pain for those you left behind. My prayers for everyone whose lives you ever touched.

    1. I want to reply to this from an ex addicts point of view. First off i am so sorry for your loss! I know losing someone this was its hard to get closure but know shes in a much better place. Yes my disease of addiction is not active right now but believe me when i say each day is a fight. Drugs can have such a hold on a persons life that its unbelieveble. However when you said she hated her disease i believe it because everytime i stuck that needle in my arm i hated it and wonderd how could this have so much control over me. I lost my mom in 2010 to a drug overdose as well and the questions still linger on. I will keep you in my prayers