Sunday, September 30, 2012

Book fund for recovery

Anyone can Donate from where ever you live!!! ♥

I am the writer and founder of “Sobriety Fitness.” My website is free to all who come to visit it, read it, use it and share it with others who are in recovery. My first book will publish in January 2013.

So what is this Book Fund for Recovery all about?
The first and most important, this Book Fund has NOTHING to do with AA/12 STEP programs. I attended AA, yes! I attend Al-Anon, yes! However, this Book Fund for Recovery has nothing to do with it either does my book. My book is my message, my experience, s
trength and hope and no one other. Someone made a comment that there is only one message and that is AA’s. Sorry you feel that way and that everyone we meet help and support has a MESSAGE! There is a message in all of us. That is how I see it and thank God for that!

Where is all the money donated towards? The money will be used to cover a portion of the expenses associated with the book production costs, so that I can donate the books to charitable causes. For example, Women shelters, Homeless shelters and Rehab Facilities,etc. Furthermore, I am NOT asking you to donate money to support the whole production costs of my published books. That is NOT why I am asking for donations! I am only asking for donations to pay for a portion of what the donated books will cost me in order to give to charities. Any donation makes a difference.

What places will take my book for donations? The Portage Citizens Care facility (C.A.R.E.)in Ravena, Ohio! I talked with Jeremy and he graciously accepted my book donations. Jeremy had no hesitation taking my donations and was more than appreciative to share my message of hope with others in his center. By the way, if you have a facility that would want my donated books sent to your place to help someone with their addiction feel free to contact me!

So who are these less fortunate? A mother, who is in hiding because she married someone abusive and toxic. A military person, that needs that extra support when he or she has no computer access or meetings to attend. A homeless person, who has nowhere else to go for help. The list could go on and I only have so much room on this page!

In closing, the most important message with the whole mission for the Book Fund for Recovery is to help others struggling with an addiction or someone who has been affected by someone’s addiction. The book I am writing is about my recovery story! It is NOT a new program! It is what I have learned, accepted and how I found serenity. It is NOT to replace your recovery program. It is an add on to your program that will give you hope, inspiration, understanding, love and compassion. It is I! It is alcoholism! It is recovery! It is my message! If you like what I have been posting for almost two years in my blog than I am sure you will like what my book will have to offer to someone else whom is struggling in his or her addiction. I hope you can help the Book Fund for Recovery for this will give hope to so many who are struggling with an addiction.

If you would like to help me spread the word of my Book Fund or suggest some places I could donate my book too, please do not hesitate to contact me I would love to hear your suggestions and would appreciate your help because recovery is not about me it is about “WE.”

I am passionate about my message for it has helped so many from all over the world. Please help allow us to continue the message with your donation in order for us to create the message in book form for all to read.

Many Blessings to all regardless if you donate or not!!!

To donate please click on the link to make an online donation:


Many Blessings!!!
Cathy Shuba
Founder of Sobriety Fitness

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